Tile Gallery 7

Bathroom Refurbishment – Tiles Replaced With Mosaic Effect Panels

We have thousands of customers who have decided to update their bathroom but without using tiles. The same reasons are always given – can’t keep the grout clean, grout has turned mouldy, tiles are coming loose.

Mosaic tiles are the worst of all worlds. They require meticulous preparation to ensure that any undulations in the wall do not show through. They have a huge amount of grout compared with large tiles. All in all they are not the best idea.

Luckily we have a range of bathroom wall panels that emulate the look of mosaic tiles but without using any grout at all.

Customer’s Makeover

This bathroom was very dated in style and colour with an old dark blue bathroom suite. These darker colours fell out of favour as soon as customers realised they showed up every bit of dirt, soap residue and water marks.

The refurbishment work included:

  • removal of the old suite
  • installation of a new bathroom suite
  • removal of old bathroom tiles
  • fitting of mosaic effect cladding
  • installation of a shower cubicle

Components of the suite were also moved around to accommodate inclusion of a corner bath.

The whole room was finished in mosaic effect wall panelling – in this case Mosaic Azure Blue by Decos.

Ceramic mosaic tiles would require almost perfect walls to ensure any undulations were not seen on the finished walls (mosaic tiles tend to emphasise any issues like this as the mass of grout lines diverge and converge over any bumps).