Tile Gallery 6

Tiles Falling Off Wall Due To Grout Failure – Problem Solved

This bathroom had a lot of problems: tiles were falling off the wall in the shower area and the grout had failed. The bath had a small horizontal tiled area behind the taps which would could cause problems – especially as the shower was being moved to the tap end. By building the wall out slightly this area could be eliminated. It also enabled cable and pipework for the shower to be hidden behind the surface in the box construction.

Our waterproof wall panels were installed resulting in a much cleaner look with no visible pipework or cables to the shower. The amount of space lost by building the wall out was negligible and the resulting finish much more waterproof than attempting to provide a waterproof solution at the end of the bath with tiles or panels – this is always problematic as baths move slightly in use which causes seals to break and leads to eventual water ingress.