Tile Gallery 4

Problems With Tile Grout Solved Using Panels As An Alternative

These images follow on from the previous shots and show the other end of the bath. Here, the issue with the tiles is even more self-evident with mouldy grout and sealant that has obviously seen better days.

Grout has a lot to answer for as it is the cause of so many problems in bathrooms and showers – the fact that the silicone sealant has turned mouldy is usually because grout has allowed moisture to get behind the sealant which allows mould to take root  – this then grows through to the front surface. Once this happens there is nothing you can do other than cut it out and re-apply the sealant. Unfortunately the grout will mean that this process will have to be repeated again in the future so you can see why many people are looking for an alternative to tiles.


Why Don’t The Same Problems Occur With Panels?

There are several reasons.

Firstly, grout is porous allowing moisture to remain withing the material itself. For mould to grow there needs to be permanent moisture and grout provides just the right environment.

Secondly grout can and regularly does, crack. Slight movement from bath movement or even expansion and contraction of the backing board are more than grout can take. Once cracked it stops doing its job and starts letting water through the gaps between the tiles.

Thirdly, it allows moisture to get behind the sealant and enables mould to grow through the silicone.

Our bathroom wall panels have none of these shortcoming therefore they are ensure that any work you carry out will look good, and do the job, for years.