Tile Effect Shower Panels

People love the look of tiles but also keen on the advantages of a modern panelling system – so our tile effect shower panels are a perfect compromise.

When people refurbish their bathrooms or shower room the last thing they want to do is install themselves a problem. Over the years people have come to realise that ceramic tiles fall into this category because the grout used to seal between each tile is a nightmare to keep clean and can end up having to be raked out and re-applied. It is small wonder that people are now looking for alternatives and that is where our shower wall panels have a distinct advantage. Our tile effect panelling looks like tiles but there is no grout – so consequently there is no maintenance and no hassle. The tile effect shower wall panel design also has the advantage of disguising the joints between the panels which some customers prefer.

tile effect shower panels - Tile Effect Shower Panels

Tile effect Shower Panel Options

With the addition of the Vox range to our inventory we can now offer panels that are designed to work in conjunction with each other. Our tile effect panels and our mosaic effect panels have always been big sellers but they didn’t really work well together with the old designs.  The new designs eliminate this issue and give you huge scope for developing a unique design for your bathroom or shower room.

The photo above shows a combination of tile effect panels on the left hand wall and the wall at the back of the shower. The right hand wall employs a mosaic tile effect shower panel which is also used on the wash hand basin wall.

Our most popular panels include: