Tile Effect Bathroom Cladding

Tiles have been the most common covering for bathroom walls for hundreds, if not thousands, of years but recently people have looked for a more modern alternative as tiles had some known problems that were not being addressed. Bathroom cladding was the answer because it eliminated the grout which was the cause of most of the trouble – but some customers would still not switch as they were too used to the look of tiles and that is the decorative effect they wanted.

Cladding manufacturers responded by making tile effect bathroom cladding which kept everyone happy as they offered the maintenance-free qualities that everyone wanted but also looked like tiles so they were the best of both worlds. Since their introduction they have grown and grown in popularity to become on of our most popular decorative cladding designs. The choice of colours an designs is a little limited but the current options seem to have hit the mark as customers seem to really appreciate the good looks and practicality.

Is Tile Effect Bathroom Cladding Better Than Actual Tiles?

Well that is a matter of opinion but as far as we are concerned  the answer is yes as it has many advantages and very few weaknesses.

Tiles themselves are great. We have no problem with tiles. Grout on the hand is a major issue as this regularly causes big problems for customers and many times the problem is not discovered until it is too late.

tile effect bathroom cladding