All of the wall panels available from The Bathroom Marquee are intended for indoor use only. Made from PVC, they are totally waterproof and can be used in showers and bathrooms with no problem.

The wall panels have a honeycomb construction, as shown above, making the panels quite rigid but extremely light. They use a tongue and groove system to join together using several different joint styles and panel effects depending on the range chosen.

All of our panels are suitable for use in showers. Our panels can be used on ceilings although our Neptune panels are too heavy for this application.



 Temperature resistance  

 Can be used in temperatures up to 60°c without degradation* 

 Chemical resistance

 Do not use solvents or solvent containing products. Use non-abrasive domestic cleaning products.


 The panels are totally recyclable

 UV Stability

 The panels are UV resistant

 Fire Rating

 Class M1


*PVC is a form of plastic and as such can start to warp or melt if exposed to high temperatures so they must not be used next to sources of direct heat such as boilers, cookers or hobs and care must be taken when considering fitting lighting into the panels – we recommend using L.E.D lights.