Sparkle Effect Shower Panels

Sparkle effect shower panels are a relatively new addition.  They are a really eye-catching shower wall panelling design.

Highly reflective metal flakes are sealed into the panel surface and it is these reflective pieces that really make these panels stand out from the crowd.

Previously this type of finish was only available in the up-market ranges of laminate panels but now we have the same effect made available in PVC ranges.

The flake pattern usually varies between the white and black. White Sparkle has a much denser flake distribution with each flake being relatively close to the next one.

Black Sparkle sees the flakes spread out a little for as if the distribution is too dense it stops looking like like a black panel as the flakes have the effect of lightening the overall look.

The sparkling nature of this type of panel is very hard to capture on a photograph so we have created a short video showing a small sample of the black sparkle panel and how the flakes catch the light.


Add Some Sparkle To Your Shower Room

Sparkle effect shower panels offer all of the same properties as standard panels. So they can be used in showers, over baths or even on the ceiling. White sparkle is a popular choice for this if you are looking to make a feature of your ceiling.

Sparkle panels are great for use as a feature wall as part of your bathroom design. The black and white versions also work well together to provide contrast and visual interest.

When installing panelling there is little or no preparation required so they can prove to be very economical indeed. They can be slotted in straight on top of existing tiles. This is a a great feature and one regularly used by people who have had problems with their tiles.

If the grout has failed water will start to penetrate behind the tiles. Shower wall panels can be fitted straight over the top of problem walls.

Large sparkle effect shower panels can be a little unwieldy to fit inside an existing cubicle so there are smaller versions are available. This bathroom cladding that will do exactly the same job but will be made up of several planks on each wall. They are tongue and grooved so they slot together to provide a waterproof surface.

shower panel sparkle effect

Neptune White Sparkle Shower Panels

Vicenza Blacl Sparkle Bathroom Cladding

Vicenza white sparkle panels