Sparkle Effect Bathroom Cladding

Sparkle effect bathroom cladding is a relatively new addition to our range as previously this type of design was only available on expensive laminated panels. We have standard size cladding available as well as  large, shower panels to enable whole sides of a cubicle to be covered without the need for any joins. Of all our decorative cladding this is probably the most striking design.

As you move past the panel the metal flecks catch the light and shine and shimmer, reflecing back all the colours of the rainbow. We have tried to capture this in the images above but it it a little tricky to do it full justice on a computer screen but you can order samples of sparkle cladding to see them at first hand – click the link below.

Sparkle Patterns

The density of the metal flake varies between the different designs. Black sparkle effect bathroom cladding typically has a lot less flakes per square inch than white sparkle and the also varies between the different white options – Vicenza has a higher density than the Neptune version so please take this into account if it is important to you. It also means that you cannot really mix and match between Vicenza and Neptune as the sparkle pattern is different and there is a also the thickness issue to take into consideration – Vicenza are 8mm thick while Neptune are 10mm.

It is possible to mix panels from the same range. However, a popular option is to use white sparkle panels around most of the room to keep it light and airy and then use black sparkle on a highlight wall or inside a shower cubicle to provide contrast.

Sparkle Panel Sizes

Our sparkle effect cladding is available in two colours and two sizes.

Our standard bathroom cladding is 2.6m long and 250mm wide. It is available in black or white. Our larger shower panels are 1mt wide and 2.4m long. These are still long enough to span floor to ceiling in all but the tallest of rooms. There are no real differences in performance between the two sizes – see the following article for more information – does size matter.