Spabord shower panels

Spabord was the name of a range of laminated shower panels that was previously available from us. Unfortunately the range was discontinued several years so it is no longer available but we do have a range of alternative panels:

shower wall panel range

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Spabord construction was unique in that the laminate was attached to a foam backing sheet rather than to a wooden backing. This made the panels a lot lighter than their wooden equivalents. They also reduced problems with expansion and contraction. Their main downside was that they were not tongue and grooved so for larger areas a jointing strip was required which detracted from the overall look.

Other makes of laminated panel are still available but nearly all of these utilise a plywood or MDF core.

Here at The Bathroom Marquee we have moved away from laminated panels since the advent of wider panels made from PVC. The reason for this are many but basically they have fewer drawbacks than a wood-based system  – such as:

  • nothing to warp
  • nothing to rot
  • nothing to swell up from water damage
  • negligible expansion and contraction issues
  • stable joints that don’t creep apart over time

These benefits apply to all of our panelling, not just Spabord, so you can find out more about our shower wall panels here

All of the panels that we sell here can be used in shower so you can choose whichever design best suits your needs, Many customers seem to think that you have to use large sheet materials inside a cubicle but this simply is not the case. So, if you like the look of one of our patters, you can use it in your shower cubicle.

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