Shower Wall Panel Sizes

shower wall panel sizes

Many people struggle with shower wall panel sizes as they are not sure exactly what they need – hopefully this guide will explain all you need to know.

When it comes to covering shower walls with our panels you have two choices:

  • choose a panel that covers the whole wall in one piece or
  • choose smaller panels that slot together to achieve the same result

Both choices have pros and cons but in some people’s minds the larger panels are best solution because there are no joins. We have been selling the smaller shower panels for over 20 years and can say with authority that the joints in the smaller panels are not an issue – at all. So we would just recommend that you choose the panel you best  like the look of, as they will all perform the task perfectly well, with or without joints.

Wide Shower Panels

It is not difficult to see why people shy away from having too many joints. A worrying number of people who have tiles in their shower come to us to find a solution to their leaking cubicle. As often as not it is the grout in the joints that has caused the problem, so, by getting rid of joints, they hope to get rid of the problem. Our panelling will solve the problem but the actual shower wall panel sizes involved are irrelevant (providing the panels are installed correctly).

Wider panels can also be chosen for aesthetic reasons. An 800mm shower cubicle would need three and a bit standard 250mm panels to line one wall. This will result in a slightly uneven look which is eliminated if you opt for full width shower panels.

If you are fitting the panels into an existing cubicle these large sheets are harder to manoeuvre into place so this needs to be taken into account. It is possible to remove an existing enclosure but this has its own drawbacks and they never seem to go back quite as well as they should.

Long Shower Panels

Unless you have incredibly high ceilings then all of our standard length panels will be more than adequate. High ceiling rooms can be dealt with in a number of ways. Firstly, we have longer length panels available in plain white. Secondly, you could add a plain white area above the standard length using a picture frame approach. The join for this would be above the cubicle so there are no issues from a waterproofing point of view.

People do ask occasionally if the panels can be run horizontally. This regularly requires longer panels but it is not a suitable method for use in wet areas such as showers.


Examples of Different Sizes

Some examples of the various sizes available are shown in the following table:

Panel Range

Dimensions (L x W x Thickness)

Vicenza Marble Panel

2.6m x 250mm x 10mm

Spaceline Marble

2.7m x 250mm x 10mm

Neptune Shower Panels

2.4m x 1000mm x 10mm

Labo Gloss White

6.0m x 250mm x 10mm