Shower Wall Panel Installation

Shower wall panel installation is simplicity itself and is one of its great selling points.

They can be installed over tiles which means they can be fitted inside an existing shower cubicle. This solves any maintenance or waterproofing issues. We know from experience that a much too large proportion of householders have issues with leaks in their shower cubicles. Our panelling is a perfect way of dealing with the issue and putting it to bed – once and for all.

Shower panels can also be used as part of a new installation. In this situation you would fit the shower tray first, then the panels, then the enclosure. See our page for general information on installing the panels or click the images below for more specific information on installing them in showers and cubicles:

New Installation

Shower wall panel installation in a new setting is very straightforward. Although it is possible to fit the panels on battens we would always recommend using some form of backing sheet. In the photo above you can see the shower has been lined with plasterboard. Although this is not waterproof itself the panels ensure that no water ever gets to it so its construction is almost irrelevant.

Existing Installation

Shower cubicles can prove to be problematic in the long run and many (but not all) of the problems can be traced back to grout failure. Our panels eliminate this problem in one stroke as they require no grouting, they simply slot together to give you a beautiful, easy to live with, wipe over surface that is totally waterproof. And best of all the can go up straight on top of your existing tiles as seen in the photo above.