Shower Wall Panel Designs

Here at The Bathroom Marquee we have a whole host of shower wall panel designs.

Our panels come in a wide range of colours, patterns, effects and finishes. Tile, effects, mosaic effects, marble effect, wood effects and plain colours all make up the range.

And all of the panels offer the same level of waterproofing and maintenance-free properties that makes them the ideal choice for shower areas. We also have a range of different shower wall panel sizes.

shower wall panel range

shower wall panel gallery


Which Design Is Best For Me?

This is a straight case of personal choice. There is nothing to choose between our panels in terms of

  • waterproofing
  • longevity
  • ease of installation
  • wall sub-surface

All of the designs are completely waterproof and each on will last for years. Every panel is easy to install (although the smaller ones are slightly easier than the largest panels that we sell). They are all capable of being installed over your existing tiles – even if the are currently far from perfect.

You can even use a combination of different designs for interesting results. Please check with the sales office before embarking on this route as not all panels wok well together.

shower wall panel marble

Marble Effect Shower Panels

A large proportion of our range are of a marble design so there is plenty of choice if this is the style you are looking for – marble effect shower wall panels. There are are quite a few colours choices in our marble range from the very light, almost white, to the very dark and dramatic blacks – and quite a few in between.

shower panel tile effect

Tile Effect Shower Panels

A very popular part of our range, tile effect shower panels are perfect for showers as you get the look of tiles but without any grout to try and keep clean,. Available in standard tile effect and also in mosaic effect as shown left.

shower panel sparkle effect

Sparkle Effect Shower Panels

A relatively new addition to our inventory, sparkle effect shower panels make a definite statement when included as part of your bathroom design. Both white sparkle and black have a small highly reflective metalic flakes embedded in the surface that glint and sparkle when viewed.