Shower Wall Panel Applications

As showers have grown in popularity over the years and increasing number of householders have discovered that the choice of wall covering used inside their showering area can be a maintenance headache. The conditions met in these situations are quite demanding and need a resilient product. Shower wall panels are an obvious choice for such applications as they are totally waterproof – unlike a lot of grout that is used to fill the void between bathroom tiles.

As well as installing the panels inside the dedicated shower area you can continue with them and fit them around the whole room – you can even install most of our range on the ceiling as well. And remember, the more panels you fit, the less maintenance you have to undertake in the long run. The usual situations where our panels prove to be the perfect choice are: inside cubicles, the walls of wet-rooms and over the bath. Our shower wall panel prices are guaranteed and with little or no preparation panelling can even work out cheaper than tiles.

shower cubicle panels

Shower Cubicle Panels


The tiles inside cubicles spend a lot of their time being covered with water. This keeps the grout permanently moist which can then lead to mould growth. The grout-free construction of our shower cubicle panels eliminates this problem as they are fitted without the need for grout. This is the most common of all the shower wall panel applications –

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Wet Room Wall Panels

Wet rooms require the shower area to appear to be part of the whole room rather than a separate “cubicle”. Our systems enable you to use the same panels around the whole room providing a seamless transition from shower area to the dry areas without the need to change the wall covering.
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shower bath wall panels

Shower Bath Wall Panels

The small room size in the majority of British bathrooms means that there is rarely enough room for a shower cubicle and a bath. This results in most people installing a shower over their bath. Our wall panels are perfect for lining this area and can then be continued around the rest of the bathroom using the one, cohesive design.
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