Shower Wall Cladding

Tiled showers can be a real problem area when it comes to cleaning – grout has a terrible habit of harbouring mould and once it establishes itself it is very difficult to eradicate. The easy to solution is to use our range of high quality shower wall cladding – ideal for use in your shower (and the rest of the room).

These waterproof pvc panels slot together to give an impermeable surface without the need for grout. Available in a wide range of styles, colours, finishes and patterns it is even possible to replicate the look of tiles without any of the associated hassle. We have over 50 designs to choose from – click the photo above to see the full range of  wall cladding , there is something for everyone, whatever you are looking for.

The Advantages Of Shower Wall Cladding

The problems associated with shower walls are well documented but we know from personal experience that our cladding is the ideal product. It will provide you with a waterproof, rot-proof, maintenance-free solution.

Tiles possess have one main drawback – grout. It looks great when freshly installed but over time it will start to discolour and require your attention. This is a cosmetic downside but there is also a physical problem as well – it can crack and therefore leak. Grout will not tolerate any movement at all. As soon as it is put under any stress it will crack. Shower trays can, and do, move slightly when in use. This in turn will lead to tiny cracks which then allow water to get behind the tiles. Shower wall cladding has no grout so this problem never occurs. It is also slightly flexible so can cope with small amounts of movement.