Shower Cubicle Technical

Our shower cubicle technical information helps illustrate the unique design featured that are built into each unit.

The cubicles are made from GRP in sections. The lower section consists of the shower tray and lower wall section all moulded as one single piece. This meas that there is no joint at the most common problem area – the joint between the shower tray and the wall.

The upper wall sections are also made from one piece eliminating as many joints as possible. Ideally the whole of the wall and tray section would be moulded as one but there is a big problem with doing this. The unit would be too large to fit through the doors of the house and bathroom.

The tray can be installed flat on the floor or raised up using our easy plumb kit. It is fully self-supporting with adjustable feet and does not need a screed or concrete. The tray is very strong, made from a 4 layer construction of fully encapsulated marine ply and GRP and has been rated up to 380kg. The surface is an Isophthalic gel coat – this is anti-bacterial, easy clean, very durable. A flat triangular section in the corner allows most pipework to be run behind the unit without the need to chase out the walls for the pipes.

Shower Doors

We supply the shower doors as a separate item enabling you to supply your own doors if you prefer.

Or re-use doors from your existing cubicle although this is not always as straightforward as it looks. Shower doors are installed with lots of silicone sealant which acts as a powerful adhesive. Removing the doors from an old cubicle invariably causes some damage so we advise caution if taking this approach. It could prove to be a false economy.

The doors that we supply are made with 6mm toughened safety glass.