Shower Cubicle Panels

Shower cubicle panels have seen a huge growth in popularity. It is the most common of all shower wall panel applications – lining the inside walls of a cubicle.

People have had to put up with ceramic wall tiles that start to show their age after a while. The grout starts turning mouldy and the whole cubicle starts to look shabby. Even worse, in some cases the grout fails completely This results in water damage to the walls. Tiles start to fall off and leaks appear on ceilings below the shower if it is installed in an upstairs room.

Use waterproof wall panelling in your shower cubicle. Unlike tiles there is no grout at all. The panels simply slot together using a tongue and groove system. A think smear of silicone inside the joint seals the panels permanently.

The following pictures show the refurbishment of a shower cubicle. These were taken by one of our customers, Mr Walters of Broxbourne, using Decos Orion Carrara panels.

Installing Shower Cubicle Panels

The walls around the cubicle area have been lined with plasterboard in the photo above. A gap left into which the shower tray will be slid. Once in place, the wall panels are fitted to the shower cubicle walls in this case utilising Decos Corner Trims and also Decos Capping Trim. This last trim was used to finish the cut ends that protrude slightly past the cubicle frame. There is no trim used where the panelling meets the shower tray.

We recommend sealing the shower tray to the existing wall surface before the panels are fitted using silicone sealant. By smearing the silicone up the wall slightly you get a “skirt” of silicone running around the tray over which you then fit the panels. Silicone sealant is then applied around the cubicle where the panels meet the shower tray, effectively giving you two seals. Should the front seal ever fail, the water cannot cause any damage as it cannot get past the second seal behind the cladding. You can use a similar system if you are fitting shower bath panels.

If you are looking to install panelling in your shower cubicle then we have over 60 designs available, including marble effects, wood-grain effects, tile effects and mosaic effects as well as many white panels. They are all suitable for use on bathroom or shower ceilings.