Shower Body Jets

Shower body jets are a relatively new idea but they are a very popular one.

Our waterproof wall panels can be used in all types of cubicle and with all types of shower. Power shower, electric shower, mixer shower, venturi shower.

The following image shows the inside of a cubicle. It has had a comprehensive showering set-up installed. As well as the drench shower head there are several shower body jets installed on two walls.

Installations of this type would require a reasonably large pump. This is to ensure an adequate water supply to all of the various nozzles and spray head. Large shower pumps get through a lot of water very quickly so it is vital to get your heating system checked to ensure it is up to the task of supplying this set-up. This type of system can cost quite a bit to install and they are not cheap to run.

Installing Shower Body Jets With Our Panels

There is no issue in installing shower body jets wit our panels. The procedure would be exactly the same as if you were fitting them on to bathroom tiles. Pipe work needs to be run to the appropriate positions and a hole made in the panel to accept the nozzle. Silicone sealant is required to seal it into place to ensure no water gets behind the shower wall panels.

We would usually recommend that a thin bead of silicone is run inside the groove of the tongue & groove of our shower wall panels, especially if there is pumped water being used as the pumps can generate quite high pressure streams of water.

It is also worth considering using panels on your shower cubicle ceiling as there can be a lot of deflected spray that bounces up onto the ceiling. The volume of water produced by shower pumps can also overwhelm standard waste pipes so adequate drainage must also be factored into the equation when designing the shower cubicle
and the showering system.