Shower Bath Panels

Each shower bath panel is unique in design. The surrounds that are supplied with shower baths can be a bit problematic in that they are usually made from very thin acrylic sheet which can split if knocked or leaned against. Replacements and therefore difficult to come by as they have to be an exact match and will need to be supplied by the same manufacturer.

The baths themselves come in all shapes and sizes and so do the panels. Models vary over time and manufacturers come and go so trying to establish exactly which product you need is not an easy task. This is not helped by the fact that they all look very similar to each other. It might be possible to adapt a panel from a different manufacture but there are lots of ifs and buts to trying this approach. They are not a cheap item to experiment on.

Making A Shower Bath Panel Using Cladding

It is also possible to make a shower bath panel using our bathroom cladding.

This gives the bath a built-in look when completed. But shower baths are not always suitable, as the curved section creates a lot of headaches when trying to make a suitable framework.

Panels can be cut on the back to enable them to follow a curve (see this page for details) but you need to create a curved frame to which the panels can be attached. Shower baths with a square design are easier to deal with but stil far from straightforward.

The same problem applies to corner baths which also have a curved bath panel – it is possible to use our panels but installation is a lot trickier than with a straight sided bath.