Selkie Sorrento Shower Panels

Selkie Rearolite Panels – Currently Unavailable.

There is currently a problem with supplying these panels – please see the following page for an alternative:


Neptune Pergamon shower panel



Neptune Pergamon Shower Panels
Selkie panels are made from a lightweight foam core sandwiched between two sheets of laminate. They are ideal for use in shower cubicles or around the bathroom as a waterproof wall panel.

The construction of this shower panel has many advantages over the standard MDF or ply core panels:

  •  lightweight but rigid
  •  weight only one third of a standard panel
  •  lightweight but very rigid
  •  completely impervious to water

Due to the nature of the construction these shower panels they are only available with a square edge finish. They are not tongue and grooved so you need to use a trim when joining panels together on a run.

Other Shower Panel Options

We have a very comprehensive range of panels available and all of them are suitable for use in showers. They are also tongue and grooved so they are fitted together without the need for a joining strip which gives a neater finish.