Selkie Shower Panels

Selkie shower panels are available in some extremely attractive finishes.

The majority of the range are made from laminated MDF. But there are also panels made without using any wood. They have a foam core making the panels light and easy to manoeuvre.

The larger dimensions of these panels makes them perfect for use inside shower cubicles.



You will be able to span the whole wall surface inside the shower with one sheet unless your cubicle is larger than 1200mm. A new installation is preferable because trying to get large panels inside an existing cubicle is problematic. PVC bathroom cladding is a better option in these instances.

The MDF panels are much more readily available than the foam versions. You may find that you have to pre-order this type of panel.

Selkie Shower Panel Materials

As mentioned above there are two versions of Selkie shower panels available from Selkie. One is made with an MDF core and the other made with a foam core. Both have a laminate face that come in a wide range of attractive finishes.

The MDF version is subject to more expansion and contraction than PVC panels. So it is advisable to leave a small gap when fitting them to ensure they do not buckle when they expand.

The foam core panels have a square edge. They are not tongue and grooved and do not slot together. So, a joining strip is required if you are planning on using them around the whole room.

There are obvious advantages of covering the whole room. The more panels that you fit the less maintenance you will have. Tiles are notorious for looking grubby over time.  The grout used to fill the gaps between them is hard to keep clean. So, you do not have to limit panels to just inside a shower cubicle.

See our bathroom wall panel materials page for more information on this.

Ease Of Installation

As with all shower panels, ease of installation is a prime advantage.

The panels can be installed straight over existing ceramic tiles. Nobody wants to endure days of hacking off tiles and the associated mess and dust. Panels do away with part of the refurbishment process entirely.

Just make sure the tiles are dry and free of any residue from soaps and shampoos. You will find the panel will fly up in no time because there is no other preparation needed. Once the silicone is sealant is dry they are ready to use.

After a room has been tiled you then need a another visit by a tradesman to apply the grout. A third visit is required because they will need to polish the tiles and remove excess grout.

All of these steps are eliminated with Selkie shower panels. Simply fit, seal and use.