Quadrant Shower Cubicle

Quadrant shaped shower cubicles were initially available in the premium market only, but their good looks and practicality have seen more and more manufacturers making this style of cubicle, so that now there are some quite cheap quadrant shower cubicles available.

Quadrant Cubicle With Waterproof Shower Panels

When fitting a cubicle into a corner such as in the situation above, a straight sided cubicle would require two separate pieces – a door and a side panel joined together, usually by way of a frame around the glass. A quadrant fitted in the same space if more rigid as the curved frame, top and bottom, is made from one piece giving the shower extra rigidity.
The fact that there is no “hard” corner also means the cubicle does appear to fill the room to the same extent as similarly sized straight sided cubicle, as it always appears to curving away from your line of sight.
Some curved shower cubicles have hinged doors that open out but most have a sliding mechanism where the doors slide inside the unit on a roller and track. This makes it easier to site items closer to the shower than would be possible if the unit had doors that opened into the room. In the photo above the basin might cause a problem if the doors were hinged as the left hand door would open onto the basin which could result in damage to both the door and the basin.
It is important when buying this type of cubicle to make sure that the cubicle and tray match, as different manufacturers use different radii for their quadrants, so they are not always compatible.

If you are looking for a cheap quadrant shower cubicle it usually works out best to buy the cubicle and tray as a package deal.  When buying a cubicle it is important to take into consideration the overall height of the unit, especially if you have a sloping ceiling (as can be seen in the image above). Also consider that the tray might need to be raised off the floor depending on the drainage options available which can add extra height to the published dimensions of the cubicle.

The shower is shown with our Mosaic effect panels. When using this type of panelling we recommend that each joint is sealed inside the tongue and groove with a thin bead of silicone, especially if using a pumped system or shower body jets.