Decos Trims – White

Decos Trims – White


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Decos Capping Trim White

Our panels all have a tongue and grooved side edge and a hollow construction so if you have any exposed edges this trim is used to provide a neat finish to the edge.

If you are fitting panels only part way up a wall Capping Trim can be used on the top of wall panels as a form of dado .
Capping Trim can also be used with our ceiling panels as an alternative to Coving Trim around the edges of a ceiling (see our fitting trims page for more information on this).

Trim Size – 2700mm x 33mm x 12mm

Decos Coving Trim White

Coving Trim is used as an edging around the ceiling. It can be used with our ceiling panels or wall panels or both.

The product has recently been re-designed and is now available as a 2 part trim making it easy to fit in any situation – simply fit the back-plate, install the panels and clip the front section onto the back-plate for a perfect finish every time.

The overall trim size is given below but the actual visible coving section is 22mm x 22mm

Trim Size – 2700mm x 35mm x 30mm

Decos Angle Trim White

Angle Trim can be used to cover up exposed corners.

It is usually used on external corners such as the one shown in the photo where it is used around a window reveal but it can also be used on internal corners if required.

This trim is simply stuck in place using our adhesive in dry areas or using silicone in wet areas such as showers.

Trim Size – 27000mm x 25mm x 25mm

Decos Corner Trim White 102

Corner Trim 102 is used to join panels in a corner and can be used on both internal and external corners. This is a two part trim so one section acts as a “backing plate” onto which the other section clips once the panels are in place.

This trims is ideal for use with all of our panels including the Neptune range.

Trim Size – 2700mm x 30mm x 30mm

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