Pink Bathroom Wall Panels

Pink bathroom wall panels should be much more popular than they are.

Customers seem to shun this option, maybe because it is seen as too definite a colour. This is a shame as it actually looks fantastic when installed and the colouring is pretty restrained.

Spaceline (as illustrated below) is the only option left in this hue now. This has a veined marble effect to the pattern and a soft pink background on the face. Each panel is 250mm wide and sot together to give you the waterproof surface. They are suitable for use in showers as seen in the photograph. Unfortunately, this has been discontinued but some residual stock remains – check with the sales office before ordering would be our recommendation.

Pink As A Colour Choice

Pink is quite a warm bathroom all panel colour but whether it is seen as too feminine for general use or customers would just prefer beige to provide visual warmth, most manufacturers only offer a restricted choice.

You can also try combining different colours to provide visual interest and ensure your design stands out from the crowd. There are some basic rules for this which can be seen on the following page on DIY Doctor. The articles shows you the colour when and how to use opposites and thirds to get a colour scheme that works for you.

When colour-matching we would always recommend ordering one of our sample packs before your main purchase to ensure you get exactly want you require as colours can vary from screen to screen on computers.

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