Panels For Living Room Walls

wood effect panels for living room walls

Wall panels would usually be the first type of wall covering that you would think of when decorating a living room. But we have several panels for living room walls in our range that are perfect for such applications.

On top of the good looks that come as standard with our panels you also get the benefit of no maintenance. And an easy to clean wipe-over surface. The panels are hollow so they also offer a degree of sound insulation and heat insulation (although this is a side effect rather than their main purpose).

Our wall panels are smart and modern. They will be a welcome addition to any room such as living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, hallways and bedrooms.

Which Panels Suit A Living Room?

At present our range of panels for living room walls is slightly limited. Our wood grain effects are always a popular choice. Matt effect panels are the preferred choice as glossy surfaces are always associated with kitchens and bathrooms although there is no hard and fast rule for this. It is just what people are used to. In warmer climates tiled walls are seen throughout the home but not often seen in this country.

The use of panels as a feature wall is growing in popularity. The photo above shows a typical example where panels have been used for one wall while the other walls are painted in a plain colour – in this instance green. Feature walls use a contrast between the two designs . So in this instance the panelled wall is patterned and very light. The rest of the room is darker and plain. It would also work the other way around with green used as the feature wall and panels used around the rest of the room.