Panels For Bathroom Walls

It really amazes us how wall panels have not been used more widely over the last couple of decades. They are not a new invention. They have been used on the continent for well over 20 years therefore they are tried and tested. In our opinion panels for bathroom walls are the perfect covering because their properties are perfectly suited to the humid conditions that other materials struggle with.

Tiles have traditionally been the “go-to” product for bathroom walls. But, as many people will testify, they are a nightmare to keep clean as the grout develops mould. This then roots itself deeply behind the surface where it cannot be eliminated without raking out all of the grout. If anyone has ever tried raking out grout you will know what a time-consuming, arduous task it is.

Much better to install a product that is totally unaffected by these conditions – wall panels.

There are other applications for this versatile covering around the home but they are the perfect solution in bathrooms can even be used as panels for shower walls.

grey bathroom wall panels

What Are The Benefits Of Panels For Bathroom Walls?

The benefits of panels for bathroom walls are numerous.

Ease of installation – they are about as easy as wall coverings get. The only thing easier to put up is paint. There is no preparation needed in nearly all circumstances. If any prep is required it only need be very rudimentary. It certainly does not need to be a work of art because the panels will cover up a multitude of sins.

Good looks –  the panels look great from day one. Not that, they will continue to look good without any intervention on your part. They are completely maintenance-free – unlike bathroom tiles. There are some truly beautiful designs within our range.

Value for money – the panels are not expensive to buy and when you add in the fact that they require no preparation they can actually work out cheaper tan other forms of wall finishes.