Our Most Popular Bathroom Wall Panels

grey bathroom wall panels

This article was written when The Bathroom Marquee Limited was still trading. The company has now ceased trading the website ha returned to private ownership.




After selling these bathroom wall panels for over 15 years the stock of Spaceline Silver Grey is now exhausted and will no longer be available.

The decision by the UK importers to discontinue the Decos range was a big blow. It had been the mainstay of our inventory but due to several factors they came to the conclusion that it had to be dropped. There were large stocks of this panel available but it has been running down slowly and, now, there is no more stock left.

It has been our best selling panel by some margin so we thought we would highlight some of the installations it has been used on where it has been hugely popular with our customers.



This close up from a customer’s installation is a great illustration of why it was so popular.

The marble effect is quite restrained and the overall shading is very light. This makes it ideal for use in smaller rooms where its reflective surface can be used to maximise the available light.

If fitting a vanity unit, as seen in the picture, we would recommend fitting the panels first and fit the unit afterwards. It is much easier than trying to cut around the sink. And it provides a neater finish.



Spaceline Silver Grey Wall Panels

As with all of our bathroom wall panels, Spaceline Silver Grey was perfect for use in showers and above baths. It was totally waterproof so could be installed with confidence knowing that the final job would be leak-free.

But it didn’t have to be limited to these areas and could be used around the whole room. The big advantage of this approach is that the more of the panels that you install the less maintenance you will have in the long run.

This customer installed the panelling around the whole so had the maximum benefit from its maintenance-free qualities.

Spaceline Grey bathroom cladding

The first time we ever saw Spaceline Silver Grey was on this photograph from the manufacturers. We instantly thought it was a winner as it was both attractive to look at and attractively priced.

This photo really shows it off at its best with the darker foreground wall also being covered with Spaceline but is shown in shadow.

It was amazing value for money and consequently sold in large quantities. It has been our biggest seller since it was introduced and has been used in domestic setting and commercial environments.