Other Applications For Bathroom Cladding

When it comes to wall coverings for bathroom then cladding is in a league of its own. It has a range of benefits over traditional tiles and has the added advantage of being both recyclable and even reusable. But are there any other applications for bathroom cladding where its properties can be put to good use? Well yes, there are many.

kitchen wall cladding

Kitchens – Easy To Keep Clean Panels

Outside of bathrooms the next most obvious place for installing cladding is the kitchen.

Kitchens put a lot of demands on any wall covering as there is a lot of moisture present form the cooking process. Any surfaces need to me easy to keep clean as well. This is something that is not that easy to achieve with tiles. Grout has always been a problem area and kitchens have an adverse effect on just as much as bathroom do.

Cladding is a perfect solution for kitchens as it has a smooth wipe-over surface with no grout. It is quick and easy to install and looks good for years.

There is only one proviso when using cladding in kitchens. Do not fit it behind an open hob. At the end of the day cladding is just a plastic panel so if it gets too hot it will start to melt. Temperatures above 60 degrees centigrade should be avoided. Behind a hob we would recommend some form of splash-back.

There are many different styles and materials available including glass and metal. You could also use tiles but you will then encounter the problem you are trying to avoid – dirty grout.

Utility Rooms

Another room that where a lot of condensation can cause havoc. If your tumble dryer is a condenser type then the moisture from the clothes is passed straight back into the room. Tiles, and specifically grout, really struggle in this environment so an alternative solution is always welcome.

Cladding is the obvious alternative. It copes with condensation  easily and will not be affected by it at all.

There are designs available that lend themselves to rooms outside of bathrooms and kitchens. A favourite choice in this situation is to opt for a wood-grain design. White Ash is a perfect combination of good looks and waterproof surface but any of our panels will do the job. It is just a matter of personal taste.




Cladding For Living Rooms

There are designs available on the market specifically designed for living areas. Lounges, dining rooms and hallways are all suitable areas where cladding can be used.

The amount of choice for panels that are suitable is a bit more limited than for other rooms. A high percentage of most inventories are taken up with marble and tile designs but there are patterns that will lend themselves to the task.

Wood-grain panels are always look the part but there are manufacturers that that have plain matt-effect panels that give the appearance of painted wall. Grosfillex have some cladding that achieve this effect.


ceiling cladding



Cladding The Ceilings Throughout The Home

If are not too keen on painting your ceilings then you could look to cladding as an alternative.

There are plain, matt white panels available. When these are installed they look like a painted plaster ceiling. So they do not draw attention to themselves.

But the great advantage of these ceilings is that they will never need any maintenance. Even in kitchens and bathrooms.

As with wall cladding, the more of this you install the less maintenance you will have as time goes on.



In Conclusion

As can be seen above there are many other applications for bathroom cladding. Wherever it is used homeowners always come to appreciate its unique properties. It requires no painting, no varnishes, no scrubbing, no bleaching. And when you consider it requires virtually no preparation it is a low cost alternative to traditional wall covering all around the house.