No More Mouldy Grout

If you have problems keeping your tile grout clean then you have to ask yourself one simple question –

do you want to eradicate the problem permanently?


bathroom tiles - problems with grout

Temporary Solutions

There are lots of products on the market that attempt to solve the problem: cleaning solutions, bleaching solutions, grout pens, paints and touch-up kits. But none of these get to the root of the problem. If the mould has returned previously it will do so again.

So you need something that will work long-term and will completely eradicate the problem forever –
making life easier for you.


grout failure

We Know What We Are Talking About

Our experience in the bathroom industry stretches back over 40 years and we know the problems that grout failure can cause if left unresolved. We have helped thousands of customers with our proven solution to the problem. People come to us because they are sick and tired of failing to keep their grout looking clean and want something that works.

So How Do I Get Rid Of The Problem Permanently?

The answer is simple: you cover the tiles with our waterproof wall panelling. No hacking off. No plastering. No-re-grouting. No scrubbing. No painting. Just measure, cut and stick straight over the problem tiles.

How Easy Is This?

bathroom grout before

bathroom wall panels after

 A quick, cheap, clean and effective way to deal with the problem – permanently.





Here are some examples from our extensive range:

Vicenza Grey Marble Bathroom Claddng

Vicenza Grey Marble
easy to install cladding – can be fitted directly over tiles




sparkle effect wall panels

Vicenza White Sparkle
sparkle effect cladding with a really eye catching design




Orion Slate Wall Panels

Orion Slate Cladding
wipe clean surface – designed to make life easier for you




Filo tle effect bathroom wall panels

Marmo Filo Cladding
looks like ceramic tiles – but there is no grout to turn mouldy




We even have designs that look exactly like tiles but without any of the common headaches that they cause (mould, mildew and a constant battle to keep the grout looking clean). Have a look at our full range to see for yourself.




IS IT EASY TO FIT?  YES, just stick it straight on top of the problem tiles. No special skills or tools needed  – more info

IS THIS A NEW PRODUCT?  NO, we have been selling it for 20 years – it is tried and tested. It looks good from day 1 and stays that way for years and years with no maintenance.

DOES IT LOOK GOOD?   YES, it looks amazing – see some of the work our customers have undertaken in our gallery




Our customers love the ease of installation and the beautiful effects you can achieve without any specialist skills:

“We are delighted with the panels and the finished result”