New Product – Vicenza White Ash

We have just added a new product to our inventory – Vicenza White Ash.

Our previous white ash panel, Decos White Ash, is no longer available so it is great to be able to offer a good-looking alternative.

The Decos panel was a gloss finish panel with a v=groove joint and a two plank effect design.

The Vicenza panel is difficult to categorise – we have described it as a sheen finish. The wood-grain effect has a slightly different reflective quality to the background colour. This gives a subtle but striking looking effect that is very eye-catching.


Vicenza White Ash ceiling panels

Ideal For Use As A Ceiling Panel

The main property you need for a ceiling panel is a high degree of reflectivity. White Ash has this in spades.

The vast majority of panels that we sell for use on ceiling are white as this reflects the most light and keeps the room feeling bright. It is possible to use dark colours on ceilings but this approach is only for those looking for a dramatic effect.

At present White Ash is offered as a 2.6m length but a longer version is going to be added to the site very soon. This will enable larger rooms to be fitted out without the need for a joining trims (as the panels do not join end on end)


Vicenza White Ash Wall Panels

White Ash As A Wall Panel

We have had some very photos sent in by our customers who have used the old white ash panel in their bathroom refurbishments. It was regularly used as a bathroom wall panel providing a homely feel but without any of the drawbacks of traditional materials.

The new white ash panel will do exactly the same job. It is waterproof and can be used in showers. It will give a slightly more contemporary feel than the older version as it does not have the plank effect but rather a flush joint.