Mosaic Wall Tile Borders

One of the most frequent uses for mosaic wall tiles is as a decorative border. This is an attractive effect that breaks up large expanses of wall that otherwise would be one colour or patter.
The Firenze Grey marble panels above are shown with Mosaic Grey panels used as a border. Unlike tiles, panels need to be joined using the built-in tongue and groove or otherwise a trim needs to be utilised. For this installation an “H” section trim is used to join the various panels together. The marble effect panels are run vertically as is usual for this design but in this case the Mosaic panels have been ripped in half and run horizontally with the trim used to join them to the marble panels. This solution is fin for use above basins and around the general areas of the bathroom but we would not recommend this method for use inside shower cubicles and or above a bath. If you have a cubicle or shower over your bath you could consider covering the whole of the walls in these areas with the mosaic panels and then use the marble and mosaic border combination around the rest of the room.

These panels offer a modern alternative to with none of the drawbacks and are very easy to install. And with no maintenance to worry about it is no surprise that many customers are opting for panels rather than tiles in their bathroom or shower room. There are no really cheap mosaic tiles as these are just not a budget option but our panels work out to be very cost effective as the preparation required for their installation is substantially less than would be required with their ceramic counterparts.