Mosaic Tiles In The Bathroom?

carrara white mosaic tiles effect panels


Mosaic tiles in the bathroom?

Not this one.

It has been fitted with tile effect wall panels.


So what is the main advantage of using these rather than tiles?

There are many reasons that tile-effect panels are an improvement over actual tiles. These panels are not a new idea and are an established method of decorating bathroom walls. They have been used on the continent for many years and have given decades of hassle-free service.

So let’s go through them one at a time so you can see for yourself the benefits of this system.


No Grout

This is, perhaps, the greatest advantage of panels over tiles.

The surface of tiles is very hard-wearing and lasts for years without degradation. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for grout.

Grout has a nasty habit of turning mouldy over time. This can be down to several factors. Lots of grout is not actually waterproof. This allows water to soak into the surface which enables mould to grow.

Most grout is not flexible. So even if it is waterproof, it can crack if it is exposed to slight movement. This will also leaad to mould growth but can also lead to leaks.



Ongoing Maintenance

Ideally grout should be sealed after it is applied. But this is one step that many fitters neglect. One reason is that the grout must be perfectly dry before this can be applied. So another visit would be required to finish the job.

Without sealing the grout surface can become grubby with use. And, as has been pointed out earlier, can lead to mould taking root.

You can bleach the surface to get rid of the mould or try to scrub it clean. But it always tends to return. Grout peens and paints can be used to cover up the problem but these solutions tend to be temporary. There is no real solution to this other than raking out the affected grout and starting again.

Panels have no grout, just a smooth, wipe-over surface that requires no maintenance. This is something that householders really start to appreciate after time.




This is another area where panels triumph over tiles.

Tiles require a completely level surface. This will require the walls to be plastered or fitted with some form of boarding. Plasterboard or tile backer boards are used for this purpose.

A flat surface is particularly essential for mosaics as any bumps will be emphasised in the grout lines.

Panels, by contrast, require zero preparation. They can even be installed over your existing tiles. Rather than ripping your old tiles off and creating lots of mess you can just put them straight on top.

Bathroom wall panels can go up over virtually anything: Artex, tiles, plaster, stone-work, timber cladding, wallpaper – the list goes on and on.



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