Marble Effect Shower Panels

Marble effect shower panels make up a sizeable proportion of our overall range. And there is a good reason for this – people love marble!

Historically it was always a sign of pure luxury so it is no wonder that tile manufacturers, and now panel manufacturers, have tried to emulate its natural beauty. Even in nature there is a huge variation in the marbling, the veins, the hues, the background colouring. As a metamorphic rock the variations in the minerals present during its transformation contribute to this variety. And so, many modern designs reflect this natural spread of colours.

If you need any help in deciding which panels would b best for you then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We have years of experience in bathroom designs and we know which panels work best in different settings. Whether you are looking to kit out a large commercial bathrooms or just looking to freshen up your own shower room at home we will be only too glad to be of assistance.



Examples Of Marble Effect Shower Panels In Our Range

We have quite a few in our inventory but these are among the more popular shower wall panel designs. Here again it is possible to see the spread of colours available, from the dark and moody black marble to the lightest, near white, Neptune panels. All look stunning and all are perfectly at home in showers, where they will give years and years of service without the need for any maintenance.


These are just a few of the options – we do have quite a few more in our range. You can see them all on our product range page or have a look at our customer gallery to see some of the effect achieved by our customers in their own homes.

shower wall panel range

shower wall panel gallery