Marble Effect Bathroom Cladding

Our marble effect bathroom cladding is loved by our customers and they have good reason – it looks beautiful. As a consequence most manufacturers’ inventories have lots and lots of marble effects on offer as it is extremely popular. The actual decorative marble effect varies quite considerably from panel to panel, as can be seen in the following photos.

There can be a wide variation in the actual pattern to the marble effect – almost as much variation as in nature itself.

Some designs such as Vicenza have a muted, blended look to the veining whereas others such as Spaceline have a much more sharply defined veins to the marble effect.

There are others in the cladding range that resemble other forms of natural stone. Black Marble looks a little more like a granite than a marble while out late effect panels look very realistic indeed. But all of these examples have a major advantage over their natural counterparts – they require no maintenance.

We always have several marble effects on offer, as our customers like the designs so much, so check out this months bargains. If you would like to see samples of marble effect bathroom cladding then you can order samples online using the link below or give us a ring and we will chat through your requirements and recommend any colours or designs that we think will be appropriate for your overall scheme.

Why Choose Marble Effect Bathroom Cladding?

There are two ways of approaching this question:

  1. are there different designs that are more attractive than marble effect bathroom cladding or
  2. are there different wall coverings that you should choose over cladding in the first place

Dealing with the first answer, there are other designs that could be used in place of marble – our mosaic effect bathroom cladding is hugely popular as are the tile effects we have in our range.

The second answer is one that boils down to practicality and here cladding scores very highly. It is easy to install and easy to live with – something that cannot be said for all of the other types of wall covering.


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