If you are thinking of installing recessed lighting in conjunction with our panels on your bathroom ceiling then we recommend that you use LED type bulbs. These do not pose a problem with regard to heat generation. Halogen and other incandescent bulbs give out a lot of heat which can cause issues.

The lights used in bathrooms and shower rooms have to meet different regulations. The exact requirement will vary depending on where they are fitted in the room (over a shower cubicle for example). Check with your lighting supplier as to the suitability of your chosen lighting for use in your room

LED downlights are available from most electrical trade stores or online via stores such as:

Sycamore Lighting
Mr Resistor

Standard or low voltage halogen bulbs generate a lot of heat. And while most do not cause the panels to exceed their maximum temperature (60deg C) it is impossible for us to guarantee our PVC panels for use with standard or halogen lights. This is bedause the temperature generated by this type of light will vary from installation to installation – more info

When installing your bathroom ceiling panels we recommend all electrical work must be carried out by a qualified electrician.

Installing Spotlights

The easiest way to make the apertures for spotlights is with a hole saw. This is an attachment that fits on a drill and comes with various blades to enable you to cut different size holes.

They are available in discount shops – a cheap one will work perfectly well for this task as the panels cut very easily.

The photo shows a hole being made with a hole saw on a panel. If the panel is in-situ then you need to be careful of what might lie behind the panel. Joists, pipes and electrical cables need to be avoided (obviously).



lighting hole saw