Internal Cladding

Here at The Bathroom Marquee we like to think we offer a very wide range of internal cladding , with enough selection to decorate any room in the home. Unlike tiles, which are generally used only in bathrooms and kitchens, the different finishes available with cladding provide more scope for their use in other rooms as well – many of our wood-grain effect panels have a matt finish and are ideal for use in rooms where gloss finishes can look out of place, such as in living areas.

The cladding that we sell can be used in any internal room in the house – on the wall or ceiling but not on floors! Other panels are suitable for use externally but we do not supply these at present. External cladding is made from a different grade of PVC and specially designed to be tolerant of UV light. As a result is generally more expensive. It is fine to use external cladding indoors but not the other way around.

The amount of UV light indoors is a magnitude lower than outside so internal cladding is designed accordingly. It is possible that there might be some slight fading over a very long period of time but this is the same with any other product as well -even tiles.

Being made from plastic it is waterproof and warm to the touch so our cladding gets used in those rooms that most benefit from these maintenance-free properties:

  • bathroom
  • shower room
  • shower cubicle
  • wetroom
  • en-suite bathroom
  • kitchen
  • utility room

but you should not think that this list is exhaustive, internal cladding is also perfectly suited for use in the:

  • bedroom
  • lounge
  • dining room
  • conservatory
  • home office
  • pantry
  • study
  • breakfast room

Other Applications For Internal Cladding

It is not just houses that will benefit from internal cladding’s amazing properties – we have customers who have used them in mobile homes, park homes, caravans and boats – its light weight proving to be a real benefit in these applications where the alternatives are a lot heavier.

We have recently added a new batch of cladding from Decos which are ideally suited to all of these internal areas.

We hope you find our website helpful but if there is something you cannot locate or you need help and advice with anything please give us a ring on 029 20560949

Bathroom Cladding Explained