Installation – Wall Hung Toilet

The waterproof wall panels sold by the The Bathroom Marquee are purely decorative – they are not structural. Heavy items need to be fitted in such a way as to prevent the wall panels from crushing as the forces exerted by these items can crush the honeycomb construction.

It is vital that the wall to which you are fitting the pan is suitable for this purpose. If not, there are metal framework systems that are available for use with wall mounted pans and basins such as those made by Geberit. Check with the pan manufacturer regarding the suitability of the installation methods mentioned here as the manufacturers’ recommendations can vary from make to make.

If you are fitting the pan directly to the wall then there are two options:
1) Fit the toilet to the wall and then cut the panels around the pan and fill any gaps with silicone
2) fit a solid packer behind the pan flush with the surface of the panels

Option 1 can be a bit fiddly and the end result will depend on the accuracy of your cutting. Option 2 is described below.

Select a piece of marine ply of the correct thickness to match your panels (8mm or 10mm)

Place the back to wall pan on the plywood and mark around it. Mark another line slightly inside this first line.

Cut out using a jigsaw following the inside line to give you your packing piece.

Make any holes necessary for the pan wall fixings. Cut out an aperture from the panels the same shape and size as the packer (use the packer as a template). Sink the packing piece into the panels and attach securely to the wall making sure the fixings for the packer do not interfere with the locations of the fixings for the pan. Fix the pan through the packer using the back to wall toilet pan manufacturers recommended fixings.

This method can also be used with our wall panels for installing items that require a solid fixing, such as grab rails. If the fixing plate is circular then a hole saw attached to a drill can be used to cut discs of marine ply and also cut circular holes in the panels.