Installation – Using Trims

There are a range of trims and profiles available for use with our waterproof wall panelling systems. These can make installation a lot easier as you do not have to 100% accurate with your cutting but they do detract from the overall aesthetic appeal of the panels. Try limiting their use to areas where there is no alternative – external corners being a typical case. The less trims you use, the better the finished job will look. Please read the individual product pages carefully in case there are specific trims recommended for your panels.

Decos Corner Trim 030 is a 2-part trim and is suitable for use on internal or external corners. Decos Coving Trim is a 1-part trim and is designed to clip onto the top of wall panels (it can be used with ceiling panels but it is easier to cut the clip section off in this situation). It can be used with just wall panels, just ceiling panels or wall panels fitted in conjunction with ceiling panels. Decos Capping Trim is used on exposed ends where it provides a finished edge for the panel and is suitable for use with wall panels and ceiling panels.

Internal corners the panels can also be butt-jointed after trimming off the tongue, and sealed with silicone sealant – we recommend Dow Corning silicone for bathrooms, as in our experience this gives the best resistance to mould growth. Horizontal joints against baths or shower trays can use the same technique. The result is a very neat joint that almost disappears. It is also possible to bend the panels into corners – this has some drawbacks and is best performed by experienced fitters – click here for more information on bending the panels.