Installation – Scribing Panels

Although our panels are very easy to fit there are situations that call for some extra skills to ensure a neat finish. One such situation is where the walls are very uneven or are sloping/out of true.

The following diagram illustrates a wall to which panels are to be fitted, where wall to the side that adjoins it is very uneven – we have exaggerated the unevenness for the purpose of the exercise but the principle is the same for any similar situation.


In the diagram the panels are being installed from left to right. As you can see the last panel will need to be cut to provide a neat finish against the uneven wall. To achieve this the panel must be scribed to ensure a snug fit.

In this example you should install panels 1 and 2 but do not fix panel 3 – just slot it into place.

Take an off-cut of panelling and remove the tongue and the groove edges so that you are left with a piece of panel exactly the same width as the face of the installed panels.

Use a soft pencil or felt tip pen to mark the panel to be scribed.

Hold the pencil tight to the edge of the off-cut panel. Keeping the off-cut horizontal and touching the side wall mark a line down the panel to be scribed (panel 3)


Remove panel 3 and cut along the marked line. Install a new, full-width panel in place (panel 4).

Panel 3 should now be able to be fitted at the end of the run and will be a perfect fit against the uneven wall. Simple!