Installation – Half Tiled Bathroom

We have been around a while and as a consequence we tend to have come across most of the common problems that customers face when looking to refurbish or redecorate their bathrooms.

Tiles are still a very popular choice for some people but the number of people that would prefer a wall covering that does not require any on-going maintenance.

And that is why many customers are switching to our bathroom wall panels.

The above photo is typical of many UK bathrooms in that tiles have been installed but only part way up the wall. If you are in a similar situation then you have two choices:

  • remove the existing tiles and fit the panels to the wall
  • leave the tiles in place and panel over the top

If the tiles come off easily then removing them and getting back to the original wall should be pretty straightforward. If, however, the tiles are fitted to plasterboard or the tiles are the old fashioned type that are cemented on to the wall you will usually cause more damage to the wall than it’s worth – so the second option is the better choice.

Leaving the tiles in place is not a major issue – you simply need to pack out the top half of the wall to the same depth as the thickness of the tiles. This can be done by sticking some plywood, hardboard, MDF or plasterboard to the top half of the wall. Ensure that the thickness of your chosen material is the same as the depth of the tile and roughly patch in the top of the wall – it does not have to be a work of art as it will be completely covered by the wall panels.

If the tiles are very thin then it is also possible to just put the panels straight onto the wall as it is – use a thin “snake” of adhesive on the bottom of the panels where they cover the tiles and bigger, blobs of adhesive on the top half. Gently push the panels home against the wall and they will find their own level  Push the bottom half into place first (use a piece of timber as a straight edge to ensure you don’t push them too far).





modern decor graphite large tile - Installation - Half Tiled Bathroom

florentine grey tile effect4 800 - Installation - Half Tiled Bathroom

vicenza beige10 800 - Installation - Half Tiled Bathroom

tile effect bathroom wall panels example4 - Installation - Half Tiled Bathroom