Installation – Fixing Through Panels

Once the panels are installed there might be many items that you need to fix to the walls, such as shower heads, soap dishes, shower curtain rails, etc.

For very lightweight items you can fix directly through the panel into the wall behind as in figure 1.If you use this method for larger or heavier items you can crush the honeycomb structure of the wall panel, as shown in figure 2.

fixing1 - Installation - Fixing Through Panels
fixing2 - Installation - Fixing Through Panels

To avoid this happening you should use spacers fitted between the wall and the surface of the fixed panels. This will stop any item fixed to the surface from deforming the wall panel.

fixing3 - Installation - Fixing Through Panels
fixing4 - Installation - Fixing Through Panels

The easiest way to achieve this is to use wall plugs that are cut to length (as shown below) flush with the surface of the panel (figure 3.). This method is suitable for medium duty fixings, but for a very heavy duty fixing use wood or metal spacers – see figure  4 and also see the following page if you are thinking of fitting a wall hung toilet pan

A further option is to sink screws through the panels into the wall with the screw heads finishing level with the panel surface. These screws are purely used for levelling – they are not used to fix anything and will prevent any item fixed over them from being able to crush the panels.

fixing5 - Installation - Fixing Through Panels