Installation – Bending Panels

It is possible to bend most of our panels into corners by cutting through the back of the panel along the length. Vicenza and Neptune panels are not suitable for this installation method. The easiest way to do this is with a Stanley knife and straight edge.

Retract the blade on the knife so that the blade only protrudes by a few millimetres. Cut through the back of the panel down its length between the ribbing – it is not possible to cut across the panels to bend them as they tend to buckle.

The bent panel and those next to it will need to be held in place mechanically either by stapling or screwing through the tongue – adhesive on its own will not be strong enough to counteract the springiness of the PVC.

Make sure the wall panels are at room temperature – the colder the pvc the more brittle it becomes and more likely to break when bent.

It is possible to bend the panels around an external corner but this is a lot more complicated and requires very careful trimming (the webbing at the corner has to be completely cut away to enable the panel to bend).
There are some downsides to this method of corner installation:

  • it makes measuring and working out quantities more complicated
  • panels can be damaged in the cutting/bending process – especially in cold weather
  • you cannot bend all of the corners in a room without using a butt-joint at some point around the room