Home Improvements Made Easy

No matter how carefully you look after your home there will always be wear and tear. Eventually home improvements will become a necessity.

You can get someone in to undertake the work or undertake the work yourself. This will depend on your budget, your available tie and your DIY skills. Many tasks will be beyond the amateur but there are plenty of tasks that be completed without needing a professional.

This article provides information on a range of products that are easy to work with – so these are home improvements made easy.

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Replace Your Kitchen Doors

All kitchens take a battering during their lifetime. If your kitchen is starting to look tired or dated then it could be due a makeover.

But rather than ripping out your old kitchen you could try remodelling it. It is possible to leave the kitchen units in place and just replace the doors. This means that all your appliances can stay in place. So no need to remove your cooker or washing machine – everything can stay in place while you upgrade to a new look.

The process is quite straightforward and there are plenty of suppliers who specialise in selling replacement doors. Most doors are simply fixed to the unit with two hinges – something within the ability of most DIYers.

It is also possible to replace your worktops but this is a more involved process. Sinks and hobs will need to be taken out and refitted. The removal of the worktops can also lead to damaged tiles. So redecoration might be required.

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Ceilings That Never Need Painting

Most ceilings around the home will last years without painting. But rooms with high moisture levels do not get away so lightly. Kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms or utility rooms all produce lots of moisture. There are specialist paints available for such situations but even these can struggle if there is moisture present in the substrate when they are applied.

One easy solution is to cover the ceiling with waterproof panels. Ceiling panels are made from PVC so they never need painting. There is no paint to peel and they will never develop mould spots.

Installation is very straightforward. The panels are measured, cut and stuck straight onto the existing ceiling surface. A staple gun helps hold the panels in place while the adhesive sets.

Ceiling panels are available in many different designs and lengths. White panels are by far the most common option but you can be a little bolder with your colours if you choose.

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No Drill Bathroom Accessories

Bathrooms have a nasty habit of collecting clutter. The more stuff you can store away the better. But there are items that are used frequently and need to be out all of the time. Wall mounted bathroom accessories such as soap dishes, toilet roll holders and shower caddies all help in the battle to avoid clutter. And keeping surfaces clear of clutter will make the room feel more open (especially if you have a small bathroom).

But many people do not have bathroom accessories installed. They either lack the tools, skills or confidence to drill tiles to fit these items. So one manufacturer has come up with an easy-to-fit solution: accessories that need no drilling.

These no-drill items come with a special bracket that is simply stuck in place. Once the special adhesive has set the accessory is simply slotted into place on the bracket.

They are capable of supporting reasonable loads and can be bonded to most surfaces (but not wallpaper).

Wall Panels – Not Just For Bathrooms

There has been a growing trend in recent years for people to install bathroom wall panels. Panels have proved to be very popular for a number of reasons:

  • they are easy to install
  • they require no preparation
  • they can be installed over the existing wall covering

But there is no reason that their use has to be limited to bathrooms.

There are designs available that would look great in any room in the home. On the continent it is seen as a “whole house” product. Wall-boards used to be a common sight in the 70’s and 80’s but look a little dated now. The current equivalents are much more on-point and work well in modern or traditional settings.

Matt finish panels work best in living and dining areas with wood grains being particularly popular. Neutral coloured panel are also available.

Kitchen walls are also a popular home for this type of panelling. And it has the added benefit of being easy to clean. The re is no grout, just a smooth, wipe-over surface.

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Cover Tiled Or Laminate Flooring Without Ripping It Up

Both tiled and laminate floors have their problems. Over time they can deteriorate and lose their appeal as their good looks diminish.

Tiled floors suffer from the same issue as wall tiles: grout. As time passes the grout starts to discolour and most floor tile grout ends up looking black. There are epoxy grouts available that prevent this happening but they are rarely used, tricky to apply and expensive.

Tiles can also crack – especially when fitted on wooden substrates which are slightly flexible. Tiles just will not tolerate movement which is why cracks occur.

Laminate surfaces are liable to scratch especially if small bits of grit get onto the surface. The wood backed boards are also very susceptible to water damage. They will swell up if they come into contact with water. This then makes the laminate itself more vulnerable to damage as the backing will lose its firmness and become spongy.

Providing the floor still remains level (despite these problems) it can be used as a base for a new type of flooring.

Clever Click is a flooring system with a difference. It consists of individual planks just like standard laminate. But it is only 3.5mm thick – thin enough to lay over your existing floor.

Instead of wood, the planks are made from PVC. This means they will not warp, not rot, not swell up. They are easy to cut and simply click together the same as standard laminate flooring.



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