Hinged Shower Door

Although dark designs, such as black marble, can provide can look striking inside a shower lighter colours can really help to lift the appearance, lighten the look and make the space feel less claustrophobic. This can be especially important when the cubicle is quite small and set back into an alcove so that the panels will be covering three sides of the shower.

In this example, a light grey marble effect shower wall panels has been used and The Bathroom Marquee has several designs that fit into this category including Bali Grey, Spaceline Silver Grey, Neptune Grey Marble and Orion Carrara. They cover three sides of the cubicle and have been used in conjunction with Corner Trims. A hinged shower door if fitted across the opening of this alcove cubicle to complete the job. The door is made from clear, toughened safety glass with chrome hinges and pull handle.
Where the alcove opening is not exactly the right size for a standard shower tray there usually three options:

1. Create a flat tiled area either side of the tray
2. Build out the walls to take up the gap
3. Create a wet room floor

Option 1 is far from ideal as unless every single aspect of the construction is rock-solid any slight movements will result in cracked grout and leaks. Wooden floorboards, joists and flexible shower trays can all create tiny movements that will result in this approach failing. You will also still require a shower door to fit the existing non-standard sized aperture.

Option 2 has the downside of reducing the size of showering area but at least this approach will ensure that the finished job will be waterproof and the dimensions can be altered to an off-the-shelf tray and door size.

Option 3 is not always suitable as there are main drainage and installation issues that need to be addressed. Specialist flooring products and backing boards are required which can prove

The only other option would be to remove one of the walls which would then enable a completely different type of enclosure to be fitted such as a quadrant cubicle.