Grout Problems

If your grout has developed mould then you need to come up with a permanent solution.

Our solution is simple, quick, clean and cheap

cladding over tiles



bathroom cladding range





  • no scrubbing
  • no bleach
  • no mould
  • no maintenance

Our waterproof wall panels are simply stuck straight over your existing tiles – look how easy it is in these two photos from one of our customers:

bathroom grout before


bathroom wall panels after


This short video shows some of the beautiful effects that you can achieve with our cladding



We have thousands of satisfied customers who were in exactly the same position as you.

See for yourself how they have transformed their bathrooms in our Customer Gallery and hear what they have to say about our products and our service on our Testimonials page.






toothbrush used for cleaning grout

scrubbing and bleaching are one way of trying to deal with the problem but in the long term


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bath wall panels

The following examples are proving to be the most popular with our customers at the moment:

Carrara mosaic effect panels

Vicenza Pergamon Bathroom Cladding

tile effect bathroom wall panels example 2


As you can see there are some amazing designs on the market – we even have panels that look exactly like tiles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

IS IT EASY TO FIT?  YES, simply fit it straight over your existing tiles – no plastering, no dust, no mess – more info

DOES IT LOOK GOOD?   YES, it looks amazing – see some of the work our customers have undertaken in our gallery

IS THIS A NEW PRODUCT?  NO, we have been selling it for 20 years – it is tried and tested. It looks good from day 1 and stays that way for years and years with no maintenance.

The easy way to improve the look of problem tiling is to panel straight over the top of it with bathroom wall panels. They are the modern alternative to tiles and it is easy to see why they are growing in popularity.

Good Old Fashioned Service

Yes, it does still exist. And it is what we pride ourselves on.

If you have any questions or need advice with any aspect of your bathroom just give us a ring.

There will be no high pressure selling. No gimmicks.

We can help work out how many panels you need (we speak Metric and Imperial), advise on installation methods, recommend the right design for your colour scheme or just chat through the options open to you.

  • carriage extra at £19.99 – but this is refunded in full when you join our customer gallery