Grosfillex Bathroom Wall Panels And Ceiling Panels

Grosfillex bathroom wall panels and ceiling panels – a range of modern PVC cladding for the modern home.

They are a major French manufacturer of PVC products which includes a comprehensive range of bathroom wall panels .They also offer many ceiling panels options including longer length options – perfect for larger rooms.

Within the inventory there are:

  • marble effect panels
  • wood effect panels
  • stone effect panels
  • tile effect panels
  • mosaic effect panels
  • plain panel colours

Grosfillex are unusual in that they offer quite a few of their designs with a V-groove joint. This consists of a tongue and groove joint that takes place behind the surface but the front of the panel has a chamfer on the edge. This results in a white V making a feature of the joint rather than trying to hide or disguise the joint.

Their tile effect panels were particularly popular as the provided the look of a tiled wall but withe none of the well known drawbacks. In short, there was no grout. And that is the major cause of maintenance headaches in bathrooms, especially in the shower area. By doing away with this you do away with the problem.


bathroom wall panel range - Grosfillex Bathroom Wall Panels And Ceiling Panels


wall panel special offers - Grosfillex Bathroom Wall Panels And Ceiling Panels

 Grosfillex Panel Range Availability

The UK importer for the Grosfillex  range has recently retired but unfortunately was unable to sell-on his business so at present we are unable to supply any panels from this manufacturer. We are trying to establish new supplier options for Grosfillex panels and hope to have the range back in our inventory as soon as possible. We will amend this notification as soon as we have any news.

In the meantime we have plenty of other panels avialvle from Vicenza, Neptune and Vox. see our full product range for details

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause,

Mark Davies