Grosfillex Evolution Panels

Grosfillex Evolution Panels (or Evol) was a range of panelling that were used for bathroom wall panels and ceiling panels. They are no longer available as we are currently unable to source any Grosfillex products.

Evol had a varied range of designs and colours with many marble effect included in the range. They has a V groove finish at each vertical joint which was distinctive but not as popular with customers as the flush joints. This was because it made them more difficult to wipe over and emphasised the joint – something that customers preferred not to see.

We have compiled a list of suitable of alternatives from other manufacturers that we deal with. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will do our best to help.

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Alternative Panels To Evol

Light Blue Marble –  Vicenza Blue

Grey Marble – Vicenza Grey

Beige Stone – Orion Pompey

Dark Blue Marble – no real alternatives

Baltic Blue – Vicenza Blue

Beech – Ligno Ochre

Green Marble – Firenze Jade

Green Wood – no real alternatives

Peach Marble – Spaceline Rose 

Satin White – Blanca Ultra

Vanilla – no real alternatives

White Wood – Grey Ash

Many of the colours in the Grosfillex Evolution Panels range are quite generic an appear in many manufacturers’ inventories. These are not meant to be perfect substitutes but do offer you the option of getting near to the “look” required. If you already have one of these panels installed and are looking for replacements then they might not be the best option. You could always opt to install a feature wall using a contrasting colour. This works well and is a popular design trick used in the industry to provide visual impact.