Mosaic Beige Sand Panels Installed Around A Bath


This installation resulted in a warm but modern look for Mr Coles’ bathroom.

Mosaic Beige Sand panels were chosen for the refurbishment and were fitted right around the room including the shower area over the bath. Real mosaic tiles can be a nightmare to keep clean in shower areas as there is just so much grout. Our panels are completely smooth so they are a doddle to keep clean.

There is a horizontal area at the end of the bath that has been panelled using the mosaic. If you can avoid having any horizontal areas inside showers so much the better. But if there are no alternatives at least keep this area as far away from the shower as possible, as Mr Coles has done here. The reason to avoid this situation is that it can lead to water puddling. This in turn leads to permanent moisture and it is in these conditions that mould can grow.

Fitting A Shower Over The Bath

If you are fitting a shower over your bath then you will need to address the wall covering to make sure it is up to the job. Our panels or perfect for this application. They slot together to give you a totally waterproof surface and are unaffected by the wet conditions. And unlike tiles, there is no grout, just a smooth wipe over surface.

It is easy to fit all of the shower components over the panels. Shower mixers, slider rail kits and shower screens will go up with no issue. Just ensure that you seal any drilled holes – exactly as you would if you had tiled the area.



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