Belmont White Ash Ceiling Panels

Bathroom ceilings can be a real pain. Painted plaster tends to flake and can suffer from mould spots. Wooden tongue and groove can warp, rot or split under the damp conditions so something better is needed.

Mr. Wardell chose our Belmont White Ash for the ceiling in his bathroom. As you can see in the photo there is a shower in the room, which can result in lots of steam and deflected spray, so a waterproof ceiling is the perfect solution. This bathroom ceiling panel has a wood-grain effect with  smooth glossy surface so it is easy to keep clean – just wipe over with a soft cloth.

They completed the job without resorting to a trim around the perimeter. The panels are easy to cut so a neat finish is easy to obtain. You can then simply run a bead of silicone around the edge to seal it off. If you are not so confident in your cutting then a Coving or Capping Trim can be employed to help cover up any cutting issues.



Ceiling Panels And Lighting


It is possible to fit most kinds of lighting with our ceiling panels. But when installing lighting in a bathroom there are extra regulations that need to be taken into consideration. And the rules are different depending on where in the room the lights are being sited.

Above a shower, as shown in the photo above, has the strictest rules as to what type of light fitting can be used. This is common sense as deflected spray fom a shower cold easily find its way onto the light surface. It therefore needs to be able to cope with this situation. Elsewhere in the room different rules apply.

We have more information on this here – bathroom lighting