Neptune Black Marble Panels In A Shower Cubicle

We have thousands of customers that have fitted our standard size panels inside their showers. But we know that many customers want a panel that can be fitted on the shower wall without any joins. Until quite recently this could not be achieved with PVC panels as they were not wide enough. But now we have heavy duty panels that are a metre wide, enabling this to be achieved. Neptune Black Marble shown in this customer’s installation is one example.

Neptune  shower wall panels are tongue and grooved so if your shower is larger than a metre the panels can be slotted together without the need for a joining strip. When joining inside the cubicle we would recommend a thin bead of silicone inside the joint where it can’t be seen but will ensure that no water can force its way through.




Should I Panel Inside The Cubicle Or The Whole Room?


This will come down to how much you have in your budget and what you are trying to achieve.

Fitting panels around the whole room will cost more initially, obviously. But once up, they will last for years so they are a great investment. They will give a lifetime of use with no maintenance for you during that time span. Others products, less suited to bathrooms, will require work on your part and might need replacing more often. This will prove more expensive in the long run and certainly mean more work for you.

If you are looking to make the cubicle stand out from the rest of the room then you might want to limit the panels to just inside the shower. By keeping the panels to the same height as the cubicle it really makes the unit stand out from the rest of the room. This is demonstrated perfectly by the work this customer of ours undertook in the photo above.



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