Spaceline Blue Wall Panels & Ligno Vanilla Ceiling Panels

Mr Burgin decided to cover both the walls and the ceiling when he undertook his bathroom refurbishment. For the walls he used our Spaceline Blue panels – these are totally waterproof and so ideal for use inside shower cubicles, as shown in the photo.

For the ceiling he used our Ligno panels – in this instance Ligno Vanilla which has an off-white appearance with a wood-grain effect to the surface.

The combination works well together and the excellent installation work carried out by our customer has resulted in a really professional looking finish.


Make Life Easy For Yourself

The more of our panelling products you install the less work you will have in the long run. All of our products are designed to be fit and forget.

Time is a precious commodity so s[ending hours scrubbing grout, painting ceilings or varnishing timber uses up precious moments. Eliminate these chores forever by selecting maintenance free panels.

If you just fit wall panels then you will still face maintenance problems for your ceiling. The reverse is true if you just fit ceiling panels. By fitting both you effectively do away with any maintenance issues in your bathroom – something we would all welcome.

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